Seven unusual flowers that you should not give as birthday or anniversary flowers

We often look for something that can knock for a six and amaze your loved one on their birthday. Finding a gift that catches your loved ones on the hop is a challenging task. Flowers are always at our rescue. Sending flowers online make up the best gifts when you are away from home. Their extravagance is second to none. 

Unusual flowers that you must avoid buying

Here is the list of the unusual flowers that you must avoid buying on special occasions. These are weird and strange swelling flowers that can spoil the fervour of your festivity. So before you get into the trap of these unusual flowers.

The flowers can bring luck, but these strange wild species of flowers would attract all kinds of insects to your party and your festivals! So before you make any mistake, let’s have a look at these unusual flowers.

Sea poison tree 

The sea poison tree is a flower that attracts bats. These have a sticky yet sweet smell. The sea poison tree usually is associated with hair like flowers that have a pinkish tinge. Though these are serene to look at, they do not symbolise the luck that we want to wish to our loved ones. These flowers are wild species native the mangrove forests and should not be one of the choices for birthday gifts.

Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant is the wildflower that attracts and captures them with a single stimulus. The pitcher plant has a scary look. These are sticky and have waxy leaves. So this does not become a delightful gift for a birthday gift. You must refrain yourself from buying these and use it for gifting to others unless you want to play a prank on them!

 Bat Face Cuphea

Nature is incredibly divine. It has created some of the most luxurious flowers and some of the nastiest ones too. And one of them is the Bat Face Cuphea. These flowers are gleaming and vibrant. They have a beautiful red, bright tone but are known to be wild species. Though being the gift of nature but do not offer a sweet smell that could please your loved ones on the special days.

 Snakeheads fritillary

As the name suggests, the Snakehead Fritillary has a shape similar to a snake’s head. They are also known as chess flowers. The Snakeshead Fritillary flowers face downwards and symbolise downward trend. For a gift on a special occasion, you should buy something that encourages the receiver and motivates them to grow in life. These being the flowers of night charm do not offer such exuberance that one aspires for in life.

 Snapdragon and its skull

 It is also known as the Dragon flower. These are the wild species that are found in the marshy Habitats. The flowers are in the shape of a skull and offer a horrifying look. The pink flowers dry up to gain a hard shell resembling a human skull. This could never be a part of a fantastic birthday gift. Instead, they could invoke fear of the dark side! So it would be best if you refrained from buying such flowers.

Common sundew

The common sundew has mild fragrances, but they also have some damp hair. These lack petals and the beauty that other flowers possess. They attract insects and can be sticky to touch. These waxy flowers present an unpleasant look. The common sundews are jelly-like structures that glow brightly in the sunlight. This is why they are called the sundew! 

Buy flowers for your birthday that could make your celebrations magnificent.

  1.  Corpse flower 

The name is quite self-explanatory, why the flower is a big no as a birthday gift. The Corpse flowers are not at all the birthday flowers. They give out the smell of corpses. The corpse flowers are not as pleasant as the roses. These are the stinking lilies that have a powerful and displeasing odour. These are native to the rainforests and very big. Let these flowers be at their home. Pump up the metre at your place on the occasion of birthdays and anniversaries with fresh roses and carnations.

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