Why CompTIA Pentest+ certification Is Better Than Other?

Why CompTIA Pentest+ certification is much better than other IT Certification? It all boils down to one simple fact; CompTIA has been around longer than most of the other IT certifications out there. A decade ago, CompTIA didn’t exist, and now they have certified millions of people and saved companies a lot of money.

Most companies don’t realize how valuable the information that they are currently missing out on could be. The only way companies will learn everything they need to know is through testing.

Why CompTIA Pen Test+ Certification is Better than other IT Certifications?

Pen Test+ gives a candidate the option to do multiple practice tests before taking the real thing. Unlike some other certifications out there, CompTIA Pentest+ allows you to do this from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to go anywhere, no traffic or even time spent finding a good location. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a trained professional will give you a virtual exam anytime.

How many times have you heard?

How many times have you heard about people passing the exam after sitting for just a week? How many times have you heard about people who couldn’t figure out the differences between the exams that they were taking? The truth is that those who took the CompTIA Pentest+ certification didn’t waste their time. They spent months in front of a computer trying to perfect their skills so they can pass the real thing.

On the flip side of the argument is the fact that those who passed the pentest+ PT0-001 Braindumps Prep Exam had to invest in their learning. They took the time to read through and gain the knowledge and skillsets required for passing the exam objectives.

They had to make the effort to participate in continuing education classes to keep up to date with the latest changes in information technology. Those people who earned their a+ certification in less than a year made some serious study time.

Another reason is that security+ certification

Another reason is that security+ certification has been designed specifically for people working in Information Technology environments. This is not the same as a basic certification which is designed for people who would like to get a basic understanding of network security.

When an individual earns his/her first security+ certificate, they are expected to perform well in one of three areas: configuration management, desktop security, or software testing.

None of these three areas requires hands-on experience, but it is expected that individuals will have some knowledge of them. For example, configuration management requires an in-depth knowledge of Windows configuration, FTP, and VPN.

A third area that is covered by the CompTIA Pentest+ examination is vulnerability assessment. To achieve penetration testing, and information gathering assessment must be conducted before determining if a system has any vulnerabilities.

The information-gathering section tests for remote detection and access; this section is separate from the penetration portion and is typically the most demanding. If an IT professional is successful in obtaining their penetration and security testing certifications, it means that they have a solid general knowledge of network and computer security.

What the people think about CompTIA Pentest+ examination?

A fourth area that is addressed by the CompTIA Pentest+ examination is hardware reverse engineering. There is a great deal of information about computer hardware that an IT professional needs to understand to become a good hardware reverse engineer.

Many people think that it is very difficult to become an effective hardware reverse engineer, but the reality is that anyone can learn these skills if they put in the time and effort.

The fifth area that the CompTIA Pentest+ certification provides is a CEU schedule that is completed on-site at the IT Academy or other continuing education program. This schedule typically includes a variety of coursework including networking and security, software testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Testing Management, and Information Security Management.


These courses are not only useful for people who plan on going to college, but they are also valuable to those who work in the IT field and not use CompTIA Pentest+ certification. For example, a security guard who is certified in computer security will find it easier to gain employment after taking one of these courses.

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